Get AccessToken From Tidal

1.8k words

AccessToken is a key to get the track\video streamurl.

  • AccessToken from Tidal Desktop: Support MQA Flac, can’t download 360\Dobly
  • AccessToken from Tidal Android: Support all
  • AccessToken from Tidal IOS: Can’t download Flac

How to use AccessToken.

  • For tidal-dl: Open tidal-dl and Enter 10 to set AccessToken
  • For tidal-gui: Open file tidal-ini and add a key “accesstoken=xxxxxxxxx” (xxxxxxx is your AccessToken)

Get AccessToken from Tidal Android

  1. Login Tidal Android and play a track

  2. With any file explorer, go to /sdcard/Android/data/com.aspiro.tidal/cache/okhttp


  3. Open a file in the folder and Find the ‘Authorization: Bearer’ very_long_key (At the beginning of the file)
    very_long_key is what you need to copy/paste, if the file not contain the ‘Authorization: Bearer’, open another file.


Get AccessToken from Tidal Desktop

Download Software

  • Tidal Desktop
  • Charles : View all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet

Install Charles

  1. Install Charles Root Certificate
    Select menu: Help –> SSL Proxying –> Install Charles Root Certificate

  2. SSL Proxying Settings

    Select menu: Proxy–>SSL Proxying Settings

    Open SSL Proxying page and follow picture settings


  3. Open Options

    • Windows Proxy
    • Start Recording
    • Start SSL Proxying


  4. External Proxy Settings (If you need VPN to use Tidal Desktop)

    Select menu: Proxy–>Proxying Settings

    Open Proxies page \ Windows page and follow picture settings



    Select menu: Proxy–>External Proxying Settings

    Follow picture settings (IP and Port come from your VPN)


Get AccessToken

  1. Install Charles and Open it

  2. Open Tidal Desktop

    Charles will view all of the HTTP / HTTPS traffic between tidal and the Internet.


  3. Relogin on the Tidal Desktop and play a track


  4. ‘Ctrl + F’ on the Charles

    • Enter ‘authorization: Bearer’ or ‘authorization’ and click Find-Button

    • Select url contains ‘tidal’

    • Double click the selection


    • Select Contents page copy the authorization (remove ‘Bearer ‘)



  1. Follow documentation but I can’t get the AccessToken’
    Google how to use Charles.
  2. How to get AccessToken from Tidal IOS
    Google Charles IOS.